Malt extract in dried or liquid form for many applications

For almost 70 years malt extract has been part of our company history and that is for a good reason: these all-natural products can be used in almost any application without any artificial additive, color or flavour. In all these years we have developed a broad range of products to fit our customer’s needs.

From bright to dark, from sweet to aromatic, from liquid to dried powder we can offer tailored products for all kinds of recipes.

With its positive influence on doughs structure, rising, riping and baking process one of the main applications is in the baking field including all kinds of mixes for breads, rolls, etc. More than that HANSA-MALT can be used in sweets, cereal bars, cornflakes, chocolate, coatings, batters, spices blends, sauces, milk products and much more. Even if you are looking for organic products we can give you the right product.

Besides human nutrition it can also be used in feed and pet food applications as we are also registered to deliver into the animal nutrition.

Pretty new to our range we can now also offer gluten free malt extract and other cereal extracts like rye.

Please feel free to contact us with your specific needs. We are pleased to move your project forward.

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