Creamed Coconut Powder

Probably unique in Europe we got five different qualities available for immediate shipping in our own warehouse. In that way our customers can get the right quality for their application really fast.

We got them all – for every application we got the right solution!

These products are named totally different in the market: Coconutmilkpowder, Coconutpowder, Creamed Coconut Powder or Dried Coconut Extract are only a few samples. Basically, all these products are white homogenous powders made from the ripe fresh coconut. The enormous development of this product group in the market has also been driven by our innovations. Due to close communication to our customers, we have developed several qualities for new applications with our partners in Asia.

Reliability, quality, and a broad range are what you get!


Best customer service and prompt availability of fresh batches of each quality is our idea of reliability.


Our easy-to-use products work in dry and liquid applications as you can manage to create the perfect fat-level coconut milk for your recipe by adding the right amount of water for reconstitution. As almost all our qualities are spray-dried in modern production facilities they can be easily solved or mixed with other ingredients. Even after freezing and defrosting they generally keep their fine taste. All this without any artificial aroma, preserving agents or colorants.

Broad range

Over the last years we have gained a lot of experience in this field and as mentioned before we have developed several special qualities in close collaboration with our customers to give them completely new opportunities to create recipes e.g. convenience, sweets, ice cream, milk drinks, vegetarian and vegan food, organic food or nutritional supplements.

Right now we got 5 unique qualities on stock:

Our long-time standard

Coconutmilkpowder HMW 50 – Our standard with approx. 50 % fat and glucose syrup (made from tapioca starch) as a carrier. Great quality, good pricing and vegetarian.

For vegan applications

Coconutmilkpowder HMW 40 VEGAN – Our vegan standard with almost 40 % fat and glucose syrup (made from tapioca starch) as a carrier. This innovation offers more possibilities than we could have possibly imagined – as far as we know still unique in Europe.

Competitor’s standard

Coconutmilkpowder HMW 70 M – Our high fat quality with almost 70 % fat and Maltodextrin as a carrier. With this quality, we give every purchasing manager the possibility to save a lot of money and replace almost every quality from Sri Lanka, Indonesia or the Philippines without changing the labeling and/or the nutritional information. We can offer really competitive, so please try.

For organic applications in vegan quality

Coconutmilkpowder HMW BIO-VEGAN – organic and vegan with almost 40 % fat and spray dried on organic maltodextrin. Matching all EU organic import regulations and controlled by AbCert we give you completely new possibilities in the organic field.

100 % Coconut ingredients – possible through freeze-drying

Coconutmilkpowder HMW BIO-VEGAN 100 – also organic and vegan with approx. 60% fat, this quality is produced by freeze-drying using only coconut ingredients. Hence it is 100 % coconut.

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